Wellbeing support in the Marches

    New year – new phase – new enterprise! Keep up with Magic Gardener’s other sphere’s of activity: visit Marches Sustainable Wellbeing http://nearlywild.org/places/united-kingdom/herefordshire/kington/nature-everyday/marches-sustainable-wellbeing/ for Roz Myers Brown Therapies (Aromatherapy, Herbal Remedies, Flower… Continue reading


Magic Gardeners Kitchen Garden journal: March 2015 [Chicklit:  no, not Bridget Jones’s diary: Magic’s foraging journal!] Having recently weeded the polyveg bed in the Keder polytunnel a couple of weeks ago, I had been leaving… Continue reading

And the least shall be first

Magic’s home-grown kitchen garden journal, February 15 Correction… the leeks shall be first. Especially the big tough-looking floppy green tops that lots of people throw away. So, although they make great compost, consider for… Continue reading

Italy for lunch: Magic’s kitchen garden journal

Mini-strone Wednesday, 22 January 2015 (one year anniversary in the new garden) After a hellish few weeks of freezing conditions, thick frost, half an inch of ice on the water in the big… Continue reading

Eat yer greens!

More on what happens to the produce when it collides with the kitchen… Monday 1 December 1, 2014 Monday is usually a big cooking day, ensuring there’s plenty to choose from over the… Continue reading

Magic Gardener’s Home Grown kitchen journal 2014 – Monday November 24

It’s been a mild, wet autumn so far. Last night was more normal and this morning the grass was white and crunchy underfoot as I explored what harvestable options survived last night’s plummeting temperatures.… Continue reading

Think pink!

How many beets does it take to make a party?   Four actually. Yep, just four young tender red beetroot, complete with all the dewy glory of their leaves as you pluck them… Continue reading

Perennial desserts

Beating the hungry gap In the UK, especially in upland Wales, spring really never happened at all in 2013. We went from a prolonged winter into the headlong rush for summer, practically overnight.… Continue reading

Hip, Hip!

Rosa Rugosa delight So, continuing our stroll through the mellow fruitfulness… We come to…Rosa Rugosa rosehips You know the ones – very spiky and at this time of year covered in MASSIVE enticingly… Continue reading

Waste not, want not

Regular attenders may by now have spotted the recurring theme of using to good effect what others heedlessly discard…enter, stage left Those itsy bitsy, teeny weeny green tomatoes Yesterday I took down the… Continue reading